Companies List in The Group

Boswin Private Limited ( HK)
Zhejiang Boswin Technology Private Limites
Hangzhou Lantana Import and Export Trading Company Limites
Boswin Private Limited ( Sri Lanka)
Ucash Private Limited
Boswin Consultancy and Investment Private Limited
Boswin Group Private Limited
Boswin Construction Private Limited
Lantana Tea Private Limited
Boswin Information Technology Private Limited
Lantana Travel

Group Chairmen

Mr Prasad Vidanalage is the present President of the Lanka China Friendship and Commercial and Cultural Association and the Chairmen of the Boswin Group of Companies. He was an Ex-Navy Lieutenant  Commander of Sri Lanka Navy and served 14 years in the active service of the Sri Lanka  Navy as a senior Officer and qualified with MBA in Masters Education.  Further, He is the Official Acquire and representative of Alipay in Sri Lanka and the Official Authorised person of WeChatPay in Sri Lanka. And he is the Proud owner of the LANTANA , JIZHEN and SRIPAY Brands. Furthermore, He represents Kenrich finance company as a Director and Authorised Country Agent for Xiaomi  roducts in Sri Lanka.  Mr Prasad Vidanalage is holding Vise president of Zhejiang University International Tea research and development Centre and China Representative of ICAFE IGO of United Nations for P.R. China. Presntly he perform the duties as President of The Belt and Road Technology Park of Sri Lanka.