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First Sri Lanka Own Wechat Official Platform – Ucash

July 2, 2018

WeChat Official Platforms/ Offical account  (Weixing Gongzhen Hao) is very popular in China and almost all the companies in China have Wechat official Platforms. it can be a small company or even a supermarket chain, railway or anything. In China, all the big companies must have official platform. the main usage is it is a communication […]

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Payboot – Payment syatem​

March 13, 2016

PayBoot Is a Technology Developed by the Boswin IT. and this is a Payment Gateway software and combination of Merchant Management software and Customer Management software. This is a FINTECH product that can cater any country or a Finance Institutes. Read More

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March 11, 2016

Sri Pay is a Payment gateway connecting Sri Lankan banks and other international Payment gateways.  This is QR based Payment system followed with Merchant App, Customer App, merchant Backend and Bank Backends.  

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