First Sri Lanka Own Wechat Official Platform – Ucash

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  • July 2, 2018
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WeChat Official Platforms/ Offical account  (Weixing Gongzhen Hao) is very popular in China and almost all the companies in China have Wechat official Platforms. it can be a small company or even a supermarket chain, railway or anything. In China, all the big companies must have official platform. the main usage is it is a communication platform and can connect payments, marketing, HRM etc. First international Big WeChat platform is BBC.

In Sri Lanka, the first Offical platform is Ucash which was design to facilitate the Chinese tourist and Business ventures to connect Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan companies or persons to connect to the Chinese market.

Following is the QR code for Ucash and anyone who scan the QR can follow the Whechat of Ucash and get facilitated from Ucash services.